From Music to Money: My Career in Startups

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I love working with startups.

My first job was at a startup called Music Match in the early days of music streaming. The fast pace, the chance to wear multiple hats and the challenge of doing as much as possible with a lean team and resources had me hooked. I’ve worked at many startups since then.

Most recently, I helped launch and run Money Minx, which started as a late-night kitchen table discussion with my husband. Hussein developed a personalized investment dashboard and net worth tracker, while I dreamed up the brand personality and content strategy to match. We turned it into a bootstrapped powerhouse that was even featured in TechCrunchtwice.

Just the two of us and a shoestring budget, we rolled up our sleeves and dove headfirst into the world of personal investing. Emphasizing content marketing and “scrappy” execution, we grew the software to track over $622 million and grew our user base by 40% month over month.

We were thrilled to see so many Money Minx members finally finding a way to track their diversified investments. I was particularly proud to see couples finally getting on the same “financial page,” using our software to keep track of their financial picture.

And guess what? Our work helped attract angel investors and ultimately led to our acquisition by Arta Finance in early 2022.

Fast-forward to now, I’m working as a content strategist at Arta Finance, helping to demystify finance and promoting digital family offices for wider accessibility.

Beyond Arta, I work with my husband, Hussein, on GPT Hacks, a biweekly newsletter designed to help founders and entrepreneurs launch and run companies with the help of AI tools. We’ve built successful companies, apps, and side hustles – all while juggling kids, PTA responsibilities, and more – thanks to the use of powerful tools. With GPT Hacks, we’re committed to helping others do the same.

If you want to launch your dream company or have a company that needs new ways to run leaner, come over to GPT Hacks and let us show you how you can make things happen better and faster with AI tools.

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