About Jessica Yahfoufi.

Jessica Yahfoufi is a content marketing strategist at Arta Finance, a digital family office that helps more people access the financial superpowers of the ultra-wealthy across public and private investments. She is also an editor of GPT Hacks, a newsletter that helps startups run lean and grow faster using AI tools like ChatGPT. (Admittedly, she has a secondary “secret mission” with the newsletter; to help more women launch and run their dream companies.)

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jessica is a successful children’s book author and illustrator, having written seven books that have sold over 20,000 copies.


Jessica was the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Money Minx, a personalized investment dashboard and net worth tracker. She helped successfully transform the company from a lofty idea pitched by her husband at the kitchen table into a bootstrapped powerhouse that was featured in TechCrunch.

With a lean team of two and a minimal budget, Jessica led the charge in brand development and marketing efforts, leveraging a focus on content marketing and “scrappy” execution to drive success. Money Minx grew to track over $622 million, with a user base that grew by 40% month over month. It was beloved by its members, many of which were couples that were able to get on the same “financial page” for the very first time. Jessica’s marketing efforts helped secure funding from angel investors, leading to Money Minx’s acquisition by Arta Finance in early 2022. 

Today, as the Editor in Chief of Arta Insider, Jessica aims to demystify finance and promote the power of digital family offices for wider accessibility. With her background in cognitive science, AI, and personal investing, she has a unique ability to simplify complex financial and technical concepts and make them easy to digest for anyone interested in learning. 

As Arta’s first marketing hire, she’s helped develop the company’s brand voice and tone, content strategy, editorial calendar, feature articles, and reach. 

Prior to her entrepreneurial days, Jessica began her career at a startup called MusicMatch (acquired by Yahoo in 2004) before going on to work as a brand planner at Cohn & Wolfe public relations agency and working at a variety of clean energy startups. 

Check out the “offical” resume on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicayahfoufi/