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Hi, I’m Jessica Yahfoufi,
a financial literacy advocate.

I love a good conversation. I've turned casual chats into full-length feature articles, clever branding, and even a book or two. Let's have a chat and see what we can create.

Jessica Yahfoufi

What I Do


I wrote, illustrated, and self-published seven children's books. They are available on Amazon, with over 16,000 copies sold! I love talking to future authors about book ideas. If you've been dreaming of putting your idea to page - get in touch!

Editor, GPT Hacks

A bi-weekly newsletter that helps entrepreneurs launch and run their dream companies using the power of smart tools like Chat GPT. When founders need to run leaner and grow faster so they can keep pace in a high-speed market, we help them do it.

Fintech Marketer

Navigating compliance requirements, translating complex financial tech into friendly conversation, and crafting a brand voice that's as relatable as it is professional - that's the art of fintech marketing.

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Jessica Yahfoufi

Author | Creative Catalyst | Consultant

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